Brewers Association Collab Hour WebinarCapture Your CO2 - Online Webinar (12/17)

Carbon capture has been a dream of small and medium size craft brewers for years. In a post-COVID-19 world, many brewers have seen CO2 shortages and price spikes, when they are using more CO2 due to packaging, making it a necessity to meet revenue goals.

This webinar shares background on small craft CO2 usage, survey trends in price and supply. Attendees will hear about carbon capture case studies from Denver Beer Co. and others. Brewers will walk away with an understanding of why breweries are implementing carbon capture technology, where it is installed, how the team members manage it, and the long-term benefits. There will be an example of how to capture and sell excess CO2 to turn a waste stream into revenue. In addition, breweries will hear about new sustainability incentives and finance opportunities.