Griffin Claw Case Study – Recovered CO2 Case StudyWatch Recording!

Griffin Claw Brewing Company is a Michigan microbrewery and distillery with a focus on community and quality. Griffin Claw distributes beer and hard cider throughout the state of Michigan. Their beer, cider, and spirits are also available at their two taproom locations in Metro Detroit. Through Beer, anything is possible. Griffin Claw Brewing partnered with Earthly Labs to become the first craft brewery in Michigan to purchase their carbon capture technology to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. They implemented Earthly Labs CiCi technology during the pandemic in 2020 and will share their case study with fellow brewers. CFO Pat Craddock will share the business drivers for the technology and brewer and operations lead Jeff Levine will share their experience installing, maintaining and using the system.
As many breweries in Michigan and throughout the world experience a CO2 shortage due to the
pandemic, this technology allows breweries to supplement by using their own. To celebrate
Griffin Claw Brewing will be releasing a specialty beer brewed with recaptured CO2, soon to be
available in the Birmingham and Rochester Hills taprooms.
“Griffin Claw is deeply committed to community,” said Pat Craddock, CFO at Griffin Claw.
“Earthly Labs technology reduces our supply chain risk while reducing our emissions footprint.
As a result, we reduce costs, make better beer, and invest in clean air. It’s a no brainer.”